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The first time we played Letterman I was 20 years old (and Robert was freshly 18). It was the first real accomplishment for our band that told our parents that we could be onto something here. He was gracious enough to have us on his show for every album that followed and those performances will continually signify the biggest mile-markers for our band. Watching them again brings me directly back to the performance and serves as a really clear window as to who we were as a band at each particular taping. We had played three times and I had never been able to sneak in a word with him. The fourth and final time we played was last year, the night before Dave announced his retirement and for some reason I felt compelled to pull him aside after we played to tell him how grateful we were for him playing such a pivotal role in our band career. We found out the next day that he asked for “Cope” to be added to his jogging playlist. Basically the coolest thing ever. Thank you David Letterman. You and your incredible staff will be greatly missed.  -Andy